Shadow series. Sapphic love, intrigue, secrets, and spies.

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In the Shadow of the Past paperback

In the Shadow of the Past (Shadow Series Book 1)


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She fell for the wrong woman … now it’s going to cost her.

Amidst the backdrop of New York City during World War II, the seducer becomes the seduced in this spellbinding sapphic historical love story.

Guilt-ridden over her part in her father's death, budding reporter Jenny Ryan gets an anonymous call that sets her on a path of intrigue and danger. The caller pins her father's death on a man selling secrets to the enemy: wealthy industrialist Marcus Forrester. In her plan to bring him down, she didn't count on falling for Forrester's mistress, Kathryn Hammond.

Kathryn Hammond is a popular nightclub singer with elegant grace and stunning good looks, but she harbors a secret. Stuck stateside carrying out dead-end missions for the OSS while the war rages in Europe, her life is turned upside down when Jenny Ryan becomes her latest dead-end mission and awakens the enemy that could cost her everything—desire.

Lush with the sights and sounds of the 1940s, this mesmerizing slow burn love story will carry you deep into the shadow of the past and have you turning pages well into the night.

In the Shadow of the Past is the first book in the noir Shadow series.

In the Shadow of Love paperback

In the Shadow of Love (Shadow Series Book 2)


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She was prepared to lose her life. She was not prepared to lose her heart. 

Reporter Jenny Ryan didn’t believe in love at first sight. Until it happened to her. An encounter with a sultry nightclub singer led to a secret job at the Office of Strategic Services and an unlikely romance with the woman of her dreams.

OSS agent Kathryn Hammond knows she doesn’t deserve love or happiness. But having fallen for her former assignment, she’ll do anything to keep her safe—including staying away. When ghosts from her past emerge, and Jenny waltzes into headquarters as a new recruit, all of Kathryn’s fears come true.

With Jenny’s protection out of her hands, and society, the war, and time against them, will their love survive?

In the Shadow of Love is the second book in this sapphic historical romance series. If you like secrets, spies, and love against all odds, you'll love this emotionally sweeping love story.

Note: As this is a series, reading the books in order is recommended.

In the Shadow of Truth paperback

In the Shadow of Truth (Shadow Series Book 3)


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She thought she wanted the truth. Now she’d give anything to forget it.

New OSS trainee Jenny Ryan is brimming with equal parts excitement and fear. She is one step closer to serving her country overseas, but when her ambition costs her dearly, she realizes the fight has come to her and love has turned to lies.

OSS instructor Kathryn Hammond is no stranger to sacrifice. But when doing her job means sending the woman she loves into the churn of war, her devotion to duty is tested like never before.

When shocking revelations and the cruel march of time threaten their love, will Kathryn and Jenny embrace the truth and find each other again before it’s too late?

In the Shadow of Truth is the third book in this noir-inspired sapphic historical fiction series. If you like secrets, spies, and love against all odds, you'll love this emotionally sweeping love story.

Buy In the Shadow of Truth and lose yourself in a page-turning night of desire and intrigue today!

Note: As this is a series, reading the books in order is recommended.

In the Shadow of Victory paperback

In the Shadow of Victory (Shadow Series Book 4)


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Victory isn’t always the end of the story.

Paris, 1944. OSS Agent Kathryn Hammond sacrificed her heart and her career to save the woman she loved. Now, facing an uncertain future and an unrelenting enemy, she must fight for the only thing left that matters—victory.

Unearthed secrets changed Jenny Ryan’s life forever. She longed for relevance but now finds herself the center of a high-stakes international tug of war for a hidden weapon that could change the world.

As the two women navigate the dangerous world of espionage, they are faced with the ultimate test of love and loyalty. Can their love overcome the obstacles in their path, or have time and the shadows of the past cost them a second chance at happiness?

Buy In the Shadow of Victory and join Kathryn and Jenny on their journey of forgiveness, healing, and devotion, as they discover the strength of their love in the thrilling conclusion to the sapphic noir Shadow series.

Note: This is the fourth and final book in the Shadow series. Reading the books in order is highly recommended.